The Blade of Words, Tǎisul Cuvintelor . Your Haikus

Dear friends and fellow readers   Welcome to The Blade of Words community  We invite you to be part of the collaboration between  Anca Stuparu and Marie Christine Katz ,   The Blade of Words, Tǎisul Cuvintelor. Your Haikus in response to one of the two images from the book will be published in this blog.  To submit your writing or images please click here  Your participation is greatly appreciated. The Blade of Words, Tǎisul Cuvintelor ,   is published by  Curtea Veche , it features Anca's Haikus and Marie Christine's Photographs, and can be preordered here  .  Thank you Sabina Yamamoto for your wonderful introduction, to the entire team at Curtea Veche and to you dear friends and fellow readers. All proceeds will be donated to Curtea Veche campaign for promoting literature in undeserved areas.   By submitting your Haiku you give the permission for publication. With gratitude for your support and participation. Anca & Marie Christine